About Us

D.E.M.I’s Trust was established in 2017 to support students from low income families who wish to go to university with starter packs such as bedding, cookware etc.


The trust is named after Demi Nicholson who passed away after being involved in a road traffic accident in January 2017 at the age of 21.  Demi was one of the top students on her law degree and was on course to finish with a 1st.


Demi’s drive and ambition has been an inspiration to all those who knew her and for those who had heard of her.  Whilst coming from humble beginnings Demi had financial support from her Mother Novlet Nicholson when she started university she was fully aware that this was a privilege not available to all and this only ignited her drive more to be successful and give back to the community that she came from.


In honour of Demi’s name and determination to achieve her goals, even when the odds were against her D.E.M.I (Dream Enormous Make an Impact) Trust has been set up to support students who are going to university as well as direct them to other agencies that can provide various different types of support, be that legal, emotional or financial.

Our Aims


To offer support to students who are from low income families who want to pursue further education at a university in the UK


Encouraging students to pursue ambitions regardless of obstacles that they may come across


Working with other organisations to increase accessibility of different types of support to students


Growing the trust so that it is accessible to students across the UK